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Preperations for a Portrait Session

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Suggestions for Portrait Outfits

1. Solid Colors Are Better

For portrait sessions, I recommend solid colors because they put more focus on you, the subject. When picking colors, be aware that darker colored clothes will make you appear more slender on camera. If you want to POP out and draw attention, wear a vibrant color for one of your primary pieces: a jacket, shirt, or scarf. 

2. Avoid Patterns, Logos, Graphics, And Illustrations

They can be distracting. Also, cameras do weird things with tight patterns and produce a funky pixelation effect. Plus, you may hate that logo/company 20+ years after your session. Don’t ruin a good picture with a bad symbol.

3. Simple Is Better

A t-shirt with jeans, a dress, slacks, and a jacket; these are all very clean and easy outfits. The more complex your outfit. Keep it simple so you can focus on having a good time during your portrait session!

4. Wear Clothes That Give You Confidence

Select clothing that makes you feel unstoppable when you put it on. If you’ve got a pair of jeans, a shirt, or a dress that makes you feel like a rock star, try to make it part of your ensemble. Dressing confidently helps influence your mood during a portrait session. If you feel confident, it’ll show up in your images.

5. Wear Reasonably Fitted Clothes

Clothing that fits your figure is not only more comfortable to pose, but also looks more flattering

6. Longer Sleeves Are Better

Long sleeves seem to work better for photos, in my opinion. Too much skin can be distracting from your face. And even if you have thin or toned arms, long sleeves tend to make all arms look better.

7. Avoid Ripped Jeans Or Clothing

Try to avoid clothing with rips, tears, or holes, these can look unflattering.

8. Mind Your Underwear

The safe option is to go with nude-toned garments. 

9. Minimize Jewelry

I recommend to wear pieces that are small and minimalist.

How to Prepare Clothing for Your Session

10. Test Your Outfits Before The Session

Test out the clothes you want to wear for your portraits before the session. Stand, sit, kneel, and walk. Make sure you can do all of that. And check that nothing pops out (bra straps) or that you can see any undergarments.

11. Launder And Iron Your Clothes

Nothing feels better than a clean and comfy shirt. Get rid of any wrinkles or minor stains and show up in clothes that look 100% mint.

12. Bring Clothes On Hangars

Keeping your clothes on hangers will minimize wrinkles and help you sort through the pieces when looking for the next outfit during your session. Plus, it keeps clothes off the ground.

13. Don’t Wear Session Clothes While Traveling

If you can help it, wear an outfit in the car you won’t be wearing for your portraits. It’ll cut down on wrinkles, or crumbs and spills from that last-minute Starbucks run.

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