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Portrait Session

The Wonder of Women

Studio & Nature


I strive to make every woman love herself.  feel special.  feel beautiful,  feel feminine.

You don't have to be a model to feel and look amazing. Beauty is not only external, it  shines from the inside out.

The photos I take emphasize the beauty of every woman and make her see it for herself.

I invite you to a photo session with me.

You are guaranteed an empowering and enjoyable experience.

A golden opportunity that will change the way you see yourself forever.

The Process:

- You will spend around two and a half hours with me in the studio, or wherever you choose

- Makeup by a professional makeup artist 
- Music, refreshments, daylight, open and welcoming atmosphere
- You bring clothes of your choice, and will be able to borrow beautiful designer-clothes from my    collection on top of yours.
-  I'll guide you to feel comfortable in front of the camera
- Few days after the photo shoot you'll receive a private online gallery with the best images,          lightly edited. 

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